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Learn About The People Behind The Cryo

Learn About The People Behind The Cryo

About Cry Recovery and Wellness


Dr. Danielle Rogers-Berkowitz  and Dr. Richard Berkowitz are longtime health and wellness specialists in Shelby and the surrounding area. With a focus on “whole body health”, they have aided patients in creating a more healthy and active lifestyle with a focus on treating problems at the source, instead of just the symptoms. With over 55 years of combined experience in pain relief, functional medicine, nutrition, weight loss and much more, they’ve brought the power of Cryo to Shelby and are ready to show you how cryo can work for you. The couple has been married for 25 years and have 3 children, Will, Jack, and Alyvia. “The Berkos” love their family time, traveling and being active outdoors.  Their children are extremely active in fitness and athletics. Danielle loves long walks and hikes with the family dog Ziggy, cooking for friends and family and showing love through healthy meals. She is passionate about nutritional health and educating others on how to improve their health through proper nutrition without the restrictions of dieting. She has helped 100’s of clients lose weight and change the trajectory of their health for the better. Rich has spent time traveling and experiencing the personal challenge of hiking/climbing in the Everest Region (Triple Pass Trek), Ecuador (Cotopaxi) and soon, Argentina. It is this passion for self improvement and personal growth that inspired Dr. Rich to bring Cryotherapy to Cleveland County. Together Dr’s. Rich and Danielle feel health and wellness is not only about how you feel, but about longevity; creating habits and an environment that promotes physical, mental and emotional wellbeing Learn About The People Behind The Cryo
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Muscle Recovery

It is important that you don’t let muscle soreness and injury prevent you from living your best life. Cryotherapy helps your muscles heal quickly by reducing inflammation and swelling muscles so you can stay at the top of your game.


Pain Relief

Extreme cold causes the blood vessels in your body to constrict which limits the production of white blood cells which cause inflammation. This process has been found especially helpful for treating fibromyalgia, arthritis, neuropathy, and chronic back pain.


Energize & Elevate

Cryotherapy helps your body to release endorphins and adrenaline which give you an energized feeling and helps boost your mood by reducing anxiety & stress. A great pick me up that energizes your mind and body.


Boost Your Immune System

Cryotherapy treatments help remove toxins more efficiently, increase white blood cell count, reduce levels of cortisol and boost cellular functions to boost your immune system.



Most signs of aging on the skin are caused by the bodies reduced production of collagen as we get older. Cryotherapy can help shock the body into producing additional collagen taking years off your skin.


Better Night's Sleep

The production of norepinephrine, which is a hormone and neurotransmitter that affects your sleep cycle, is increased during cryotherapy sessions. This process and the endorphin rush help most reach relaxation and uninterrupted sleep.


What Our Clients Say

Tavian Brintley
Tavian Brintley
I started going to Cryo to recovery from a groin injury and it’s helped so much as I’m increasing my flexibility and recovery from training a lot better
gabe Duncan
gabe Duncan
I absolutely love cryotherapy! It’s such a better alternative for your overall health instead of taking harmful meds. The benefits are endless. The staff go above and beyond for any needs as well!
ken deardorff
ken deardorff
You receive 100% knowledge of the equipment and its benefits. No details left out to the extent that you felt like you could pass on your knowledge to others that could benefit.
Lisa Lovelace
Lisa Lovelace
Absolutely Fabulous most positive experience ever! Decreased inflammation and pain from osteoarthritis hadn't slept regularly in years and now sleep great every night that I've been to a cryo session! Sleep is so healing and just a blessing for overall health and recovery along w all the other positive benefits...After 3 minutes you leave energized and renewed🥰 Highly recommended for overall health, recovery immune and anti-aging benefits! Give it a try you'll love it🥰
Dawn Rickus
Dawn Rickus
Such wonderful customer service! Amy is amazing!
Eddie P.
Eddie P.
I really enjoy doing cryo. First thing I noticed is improved sleep. It's helped me with recovery from working out. Mostly though, I just enjoy it. Helps me de-stress. The feeling of your body warming up after you get out feels great. The owners and staff here are the best. I recommend at least trying it out!
Kim Hunt
Kim Hunt
Great staff, a lot less pain 👏👏
Gabe McKinney
Gabe McKinney
I started going to the Cryo about a month and it’s really amazing. I have less pain and I sleep better.
Scott Caldwell
Scott Caldwell
I have had a wonderful experience with these folks and the technology that they provide!!! I tore the meniscus in my right knee in about 2007 and have had arthritis pain ever since as well as reduced flexibility and joint movement. I've been doing this about a month as of 6/20 and everything associated with pain is significantly BETTER!!!!!!! I thank GOD for this and these folks!!!! Can't say enough about how I've been helped with this!!!!! Would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone with joint ond or arthritis pain!! God has used this gift to help me tremendously!!! Try it and see for yourself, ALL you have to loose is the pain!!! God bless ya'll!!!
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